Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm back! And a letter.

To my darling 15month old baby girl (still my baby).

I love a million things about you precious one, but here, in no particular order are:

10 things I love about Evangeline Flora

1. Your dear little pixie face which is the most vivid, expressive, passionate little face I have ever seen. Joy, tragedy and fury washing over and through those beautiful blue eyes, that pretty pixie nose and those rosebud lips many times a day.

2. The way you sit in the big bed every morning and 'read' books to us all in this funny sing-song voice. Turning the pages and reading like such a big girl in such a little package.

3. Hearing a happy 'eyoh' or 'dedoh' everytime you see a family member anywhere in the house.

4. Watching you carefully straightening your legs from a squatting position to a standing one with your arms up. Then you smile hugely and say "Yay!". Sometimes I will just hear an imperious "Yay!" and look around to see you standing impatiently waiting for me to notice your cleverness.

5. How you say "dere-a-do" (there you go) whenever you give something to someone. You also sometimes say it when you want something; for example, when Abi was eating an easter egg in the car I heard a sad little 'dere-a-do? dere-a-do?' from your carseat. My heart melted, although not far enough to let you eat an entire egg. I did give you a biscuit though.

6. Snuggling up with you in your bed at night when you wake up for your 'mi'. My warm, sweet-smelling baby girl who is growing into a little girl so fast, too fast.

7. How much you love your daddy, even though it gives me a little shock of sadness when you curl away from me and give one of your decided 'no!'s when I try to take you from his arms. I call you our little Daddy-seeking-missile because as soon as you are down on the floor, off you crawl to find him.

8. Watching you and your big sister play. You love to join in with all her games and refuse to let the fact that you are nearly three years younger interfere. You jump on the trampoline together, push the doll pram together, cuddle the babies together and draw together just to name a few of your shared activities. I hope you will be friends like that all your lives.

9. Waking up with you, even though it is earlier than Mummy would like. You sit up in bed and I crack open bleary eyes to see your smiling face in the half-light. Then your smile comes closer as you lean in for a lovely wet kiss. Mmmm, baby kisses.

10. Every moment I spend with you. Truly every moment. You have made my life complete my darling, beautiful, funny, determined, loving, wonderful little girl. Thank you for choosing me to be your mother.

Love always and forever,