Saturday, August 20, 2011

19 months of Evie Flora

Happy 19 months my darling littlest girl,

This letter is late, I confess. It's hard to find the two-hand-typing time needed to write down all the wonderful things you do and are, but I think about them all the time. Soon Daddy will be writing your 20 month letter, in fact you are 20 months tomorrow, so I am only just in time.

I continue to be enchanted by you, Evangeline. Your name means, 'good news', you know, and from the day I knew you were on your way you have always been the best of news. You are a shining star, a joy-bringer and a soul full of such beauty. I am blessed to be your mother and so lucky spend every day with you.

So what are you doing at the moment? You continue to leap and bound along with your speech. You put two and three words together often, sadly, one of your first three word sentences was "No tiss Mummy', but you have since come out with "Baby bump here. Baby bump Wiwi [Evie]", "Do 'way Abi", "Abi si' here", "My Daddy too" and many others. I love hearing your little voice, or watching you sit with the little Baa Baa Black Sheep book, singing to yourself "Baa baa sheep, baa baa sheep, yeshir yeshir, baa baa sheep".

You love to play with Abi, of course, and she often sits with you and reads you a book. You listen very attentively and often ask her to read it again. You both love playing with the babies and we recently bought a smaller pram which is just the right size for you to push around the house. You like to put a baby in the pram and get a bag too. Then you say, "Bye bye. Shop!" and we have to ask you about your shopping plans for the day. Your favourite baby at the moment is probably Baby Ro Ro (Rosie), but you also love Baby With Teeth and a new baby we got from the Op Shop, which I have lovingly christened Manky Baby. Daddy scrubbed her with the grout cleaning brush though, so I think she is okay now.

Right now you are in the playroom with your beloved daddy and Abi. You don't really like sharing Daddy with your sister and usually insist on him carrying you around whenever he is home, but it sounds like you are having fun in there at the moment. We got some new dress ups which you like very much, and a puppet theatre from thetoy library.

We all love you so much, precious one.