Sunday, April 5, 2009

Oh it's been such a long long time! I did start a draft about Abi's birthday party last month, but can't find it anywhere. I'm such a computer whiz. I was going to put photos of her cake and everything. Right now though I don't have all our photos due to tedious computer changing which seems to have been going on for about six months. I even use a Mac operating system now which is mostly the same, but sometimes has some unexpected differences, so I am still a bit suspicious.

Anyway I just can't be bothered trying to catch up, so I'll start with today. Today we went to play at a friend's house and the kids had lots of fun. Abi took her usual 30/45 minutes to warm up but then was dashing around with the other two having a great time. She is always very keen to report back to me about what ever happens, so there was a lot of "Mummy? Ryan noise! Vreya jump bed! Baby fall down, aaahHAHhahah, baby dry, baby have mi Abi." Not a real baby, I hasten to add, just another in the long line of babies that Abi feels she must take care of. Then as we were leaving "Mummy tie shoes, Abi tuddle Mummy" Dear little voice, how I love it.

Holidays, holidays la la laaa. I have already eaten too much chocolate, so I hope no-one else gives me easter eggs. Abi enjoyed her first easter egg hunt at my work, I took an hilarious series of photos which I will also add when I can. That's all I can write right now as Abi is awake again after a late nap and needs my attention.