Friday, May 22, 2009

I know, I know...

...I'm hopeless. I know. I'm sure no-one comes here to this Site of Slackness anymore but just in case there are a couple of loyal souls left who do I thought I'd drop in with a bit of news.

Oooh, I feel all coy now. I don't quite know how to start...hmm, no real way to ease in to this:

I'm pregnant. Yep, 10 weeks, as a matter of fact. So all going well, our second baby will be born sometime in December and forever after whine about having a birthday so close to Christmas so that no-one ever comes to his/her parties etc etc.

Unlike my last monster conception journey, this one slipped in almost without my noticing it. DH and I did do our three month preparation which mostly involved no caffeine for me and no bacon for him and then the very first actual sex month we hit the baby jackpot. Weird.

DH laughed and laughed when I told him, which I did in a very creative way. It was Easter Sunday so I made up a bag with his Easter presents of six enormous pieces of fudge and ginger chocolates. To these treats I added two cans of Kilkenny beer and a packet of bacon. I also slipped in my positive pregnancy test.

I thought he'd twig as soon as he saw the beer, but I had to dig around in the bag and fish out the test before he got with the programme. And then, as I said, he laughed and laughed, hugged me and laughed a bit more. It did seem a bit ridiculous after all the carry-on last time.

So far all seems to be going well, although I am still feeling very cautious after the sad, sad experience of my lovely friend Mama Cass. I have lots more to say but have a two year old demanding a tea party, so must go.


3TinLids said...

I still pop in from time to time!! Congratulations on your new pregnancy!! We have a December baby and at 4 and a half he hasn't complained yet!

Congrats again!!


Lyric said...

Aww, thanks Rebecca. And good to hear your boy doesn't mind his December birthday.