Monday, September 15, 2008

So here I am with my very own blog and I'm all tongue-tied. I think I first thought about blogging about, ooh, five years ago, do you think I've considered every angle? I wouldn't want to rush into anything.

I feel a bit shy, to be honest. I'm sure no-one will read this and my dreams of Finslippy-style internet fame are unlikely to come to pass, but you never know. Maybe next year [i]my[/i] devoted readers will be paying to send me to Blogher, as happened to Antonia at Whoopee this year. I that's what happened anyway, not completely clear. Anyway, if they did she totally deserved it as she is HILARIOUS. Seriously, go and check her out. After you finish reading this, obviously.

For the past three years or so I've been keeping an online diary at Essential Baby. It tracked my long march to motherhood which twisted through irregular cycles, unhelpful diagnosis and huge amounts of money spent on acupuncture. Fortunately the end result was my darling darling daughter who is an absolute and total delight, even when she is being extraordinarily irritating.

Is this the kind of thing people want in a first blog post? You've probably all come over from EB anyway, so all this exposition is not really necessary. Hmmm, how about a photo of an adorable child with a flower?....Okay, not sure what happened there. I meant to have the photo go in just under this paragraph. No time to fix it now, I must go and watch something stupid on tv.


3TinLids said...

Hi Lyric,

I think I am the first person to comment on your new blog!! I am an EBer too and often have a look at your diary when you post. My name is Rebecca and I have 4 children - 3 boys and 1 girl. I have thought about this blog thing too but haven't managed to get around to it yet! Hope the blogging goes well - I will pop int from time to time and see how you are going! Please feel free to have a look at my diary if you wish - Diary name: 3TinLids and member name: JaneT. For some reason I come up as a new member - have spoken to EB but cannot work out why?!


Melza said...

Congrats on your new blog!!!

Mel x

Lyric said...

Aww, thanks guys! I feel appreciated.

Nicky said...

Hi, I found you from your comment on Julia's blog, you made me laugh about the elephant collages. I thought I'd say hello :-) Also I'm in Mitcham and I always get a thrill when I find a fellow Melburnian blogging. So hi!