Tuesday, June 30, 2009

15 weeks, 4 days in pictures

15 weeks

This is the first actual belly shot I've ever taken. I'm really not sure why I didn't take any when I was pregnant with Abi. I thought about it, but somehow never got around to it. I don't think I was self-conscious but obviously there was something going on. I kind of wish I had now so I could compare them but oh well, at least I'll have a few from this pregnancy.

It's the same with breastfeeding pictures, for all the hours I spent/spend breastfeeding I have very few photos. Maybe it's at least partly because I'm the person who takes photos in our family, DH never seems to think of it, so unless I specifically suggest taking a photo it doesn't get taken. I think I'll try to be a bit more pro-active with our next baby as there are actually very few photos of Abi and I together. Bit sad really, we did take some at her second birthday party but she was sick and looks sad and ready for bed in all of them. Our pink dresses are nice though.


Mama Cass said...

Gorgeous bump darling Anna. Can't wait until I have one too.

Averil said...

Oh you've got a tiny lithe figure & so gorgeous - you'll look BEAUTIFUL with a big tight belly! Can't wait to see the progression! xxxx Ave

Lyric said...

Thank you lovely people! I expect to see lots of bump pics of you soon Cassie and I LOVE your latest Ave. How nice to all be pregnant together.