Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Get ready for this

Okay, here we go. I am going to post SOMETHING here every day this month. Every single day. Even if it is just a picture of some kittens (thanks Antonia over at Whoopee).

I cannot be bothered writing down everything that's happened over the last six months and that's what's been stopping me writing anything at all. So bits and pieces will rise to the top as I go I'm sure.

So today was a work day with lots of little children attempting to use eye droppers to create beautiful autumn leaves on absorbent paper which I am going to stick onto the wall onto a brown paper tree I'll be cutting out this weekend. This weekend I will also be making a batch of vegan cupcakes for Abi's friend's fourth birthday party, a vegan chocolate cake for my darling VeganSister and an orange cake for my dad. May is Birthday Month around here. My brother offered to make the orange cake, but as soon as the words 'almond meal' passed his lips, I knew it was not a goer. My dad loves the most boring orange cake in the world - it is basically a butter cake with orange juice and a bit of zest in it. It's just like the one his grandmother used to make, so he says, and he believes only I can make it. I think he is mistaken about that, as it is Not Complicated, but I love him and it is his birthday after all.

Okay. Am going now. Tired baby crying in front of Play School while neglectful mother types.

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