Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy {belated} birthday to me!

One week ago I turned 39. Eeek! I guess. Can't say I'm too fazed by it right now. I like my life, I like where I am and although looking back I'd do some things differently, mostly I am pretty content. I am disgustingly lucky generally with my husband, daughters, family, friends and work. Character flaws are a work in progress. If I had to list them I'd say my worst traits are laziness, disorganisation and a tendency to take the easy way out. I also over-commit to avoid disappointing people and/or having them think less of me. I'm poor at receiving criticism without getting defensive.

I try to see all these things clearly and aim to improve whenever I notice them. Sometimes feels a bit Sissyphean (sp?) though. Right now I am trying to root out passive-aggression and sarcasm, especially when I post in online forums. I don't do the facebook status thing anyway, and I am aiming to say exactly what I mean whenever I can.

Anyway, my birthday was lovely. My marvellous husband made me delicious garlic prawns and chocolate mousse for dinner and gave me silk pyjamas patterned with pearl necklaces and 2 months worth of yoga classes. He had some other things in mind also, but was stymied by my body giving me the birthday present of my period starting. That means I had an exactly 35 day cycle with a good clear ovulation, which bodes well for later, providing my plans come to fruition...

Don't know on that score yet. I am keeping my promise not to bring it up, and D hasn't either. He's probably hoping I've forgotten about it.

My mum gave me a real pearl necklace which I love. It has a flower and pearl clasp, which I was wanting to symbolise my girls - Abigail Pearl and Evangeline Flora. It's a bit fancier than I was envisaging, but I adore it anyway.

Anyway, going now. We lost our camera, but have just bought another one, so I'm going to post some pics soon.

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