Saturday, November 8, 2008

Letter from Daddy

To my darling Abi,

Today you turn 20 months old. In my last letter I talked about what a big girl you seemed, and since then you have continued to leave your baby self behind. Your hair is getting long (it’s just down to between your shoulders) and Mummy and I have started putting it in a ponytail sometimes. You look very cute with your hair up: older but also more cute.

You’ve continued to add more words to your vocabulary, although you also like to say, ‘Dwai, dwai, dwai,’ sometimes. Sometimes you say it happily, sometimes sadly. You also like to tell Mummy and me stories about things you’ve done. Because you don’t know grammar, yet, your stories can only be things like pointing to your top with a whale on it and saying ‘Nanny’, or saying ‘ma’’, then ‘puppy’, then ‘ba’’, then ‘ta’’. But Mummy and I can understand that you’re remembering how we bought that top at Red Hill market with Nanny Didi, and how you and Daddy saw a man throwing a ball for his dog at the park, and then later they left in the man’s car. I’m glad Mummy and I can talk to you even though you still can’t say a lot of things; you seem to like telling us things, and I’m sure when you can say more you’ll tell us all sorts of stories.

You’re also very affectionate, now. Considering how miserly you used to be with your kisses, Mummy and I are spoiled now. You give us lots of cuddles and kisses, and always kiss us when one of us is leaving the house. You also give lots of kisses to Harry and your toys. You also always eat dinner at the table with us, now, which you have more patience for than at breakfast. You like to make Mummy and me do things, like shake and nod our heads and wave our arms, so that you’re entertained. Probably your favourite word at the moment is ‘mo’’, whenever Mummy or I do anything even remotely entertaining, you keep telling us to do it more, over and over. You also like the candles we light for dinner, and are getting pretty good at blowing them out when we’re finished.

You also like your shoes, now. For a long time, you refused to wear anything but your poor, old, worn-out (second) pair of black Dunlop volleys, but then one day you started wanting to wear your slippers, your blue gumboots, and even your red squeaky shoes. Now you choose which shoes you’ll wear, saying ‘boo’’ for your gumboots, or ‘noi’’ for your noisy squeaky shoes. You’re also very interested in Mummy and Daddy’s shoes, and like to put them on and try walking around in them. You also often take shoes out of the wardrobe and put them in the bed while Daddy’s trying to get you to go to sleep in the evening; you especially like some thongs with a hyacinth pattern on them, and often hold them up, saying ‘ma’’ and laughing a lot. I’m afraid I’ve never been able to work out what you’re saying, or why it’s so funny.

In any event, you’re always laughing a lot, and always making Mummy and me laugh with the things you say and do, and you especially like to entertain us by running around naked when we’re trying to give you your evening massage, or by shaking your bottom when there’s music playing. Mummy and I are very lucky to have you.

All my love,


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