Monday, November 17, 2008

Welcome to the house of germs

Yes, sickness rears its ugly head once again in my house.

Both Husband and Daughter are leaking from several orifices and in the case of Daughter, are insisting on being carried around and cuddled at all times. I took Abi to the doctor yesterday to discover that it is just a virus, no ear infection, no chest infection and it will hang around for at least another three days. Can we give her anything? No. Oh, except fluids. Lots and lots of fluids. And when Abi hears 'drink lots of fluids' she hears 'remain clamped to Mummy's boob all night and most of the day'. Sigh.

Abi and DH have been getting sick every second weekend since about, oh, the Middle Ages, it seems. We've had a variety of colds, coughs and just to shake things up, gastro over Cup Weekend. I have caught none of it, thanks to my early-childhood worker Immune System Of Steel which is good, but also bad, as no-one ever feels sorry for me or makes me soup.

Surely this is the last of it for the year? Surely.

My mum is selfishly in China at the moment gallivanting around teaching English. I miss her and so does Abi who keeps saying "Nanny?" whenever we are going in the car. She has now started following it with "Nanny" said while shaking her head and screwing up her face.

Ooops, child has woken up. I'll just record what I think is the cutest thing ever: Abi has started telling us stories and she now has her most understandable one yet. It goes like this; "Ma[n] ee[r] ee[r], ne[ck], che[st], Mummy Mummy [said with crying voice and face], mi[lk], [s]i[de].' This means - 'the man looked in my ear, then my other ear, then at my neck, then he listened to my chest. I cried 'Mummy Mummy' and then I had some milk and the other side' This is exactly what happened at the doctors and she came up with that story all by herself. Genius.

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