Monday, November 24, 2008

Sucker parents

Yesterday DH and I took Abi to a toy shop because we are insane loving parents who want the best for our child.

The impetus for the toy shop visit was that we had just taken back a bathable baby to the toy library which Abi adored and kept asking about. She was also quite taken with an extremely creepy looking doll in a cafe, which of course she also had to leave behind. So we decided to go and buy her a new baby. I had seen little cheapy ones at this nice shop that she liked so we headed up to Sassafras to go shopping.

Well, I watched my daughter fall in love in that shop. And not with the little cheapy doll I offered her either; no, she went immediately for the gorgeous, newborn-sized, $70 baby on the shelf above.

She held this doll and gazed lovingly into its eyes while patting and stroking its cheek. She stopped gazing only to kiss it and snuggle it against her face. She looked like I must have looked on the day she was born. I tried a bit of bait-and-switch, but after playing with some trains for a while she turned huge blue eyes on me and said "baby?" in a quivering little voice.

That was it, DH was gone. He said, as he watched Abi cradle the doll, "There's no way I can take it away from her now" so we bought it. And she loves it. Just adores her new baby.

At the moment, her old baby is definitely second best, but I think she'll come around to both of them. She's also getting a bathable baby for Christmas from my brother which makes it especially silly that we bought the expensive one, but we have a bit of extra money and it was so lovely to through caution to the winds and get her something she loves so much. I must say, it's a gorgeous doll. I'm quite partial to cuddling it myself.

My baby and her baby

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Melissa said...

Look at the picture though, she is smitten.

I'd have bought it for her too. No way I'd have been able to walk away.

I'll bet that doll remains a special friend her whole life.